A(nother) Key to Life

One of the biggest things I tell people is that you MUST put something positive and uplifting into your mind EVERY day!  Cars run our of fuel, fireplaces out of wood, and positive mindset is usurped daily — sometimes minutely — by the trials of life, and positive, upbeat, and motivating input is the fuel of your positive mindset.

It’s EASY to have faith and be UP, when everything is going well, but the person who wins is the one who keeps the faith and keeps their eyes on the PRIZE when conditions turn sour, when the “sure thing” evaporates, when the great idea falls through and when the leg cramps hit (literally or figuratively)Ask any winner… the journey was not smooth, the path was not straight.  And if you’re facing some adversity right now regarding getting to your dreams, congratulations!!  It means you’re doing something.  There is no resistance on an object that is not moving.

But don’t take my word for it… my buddy Will Smith will back me up below.  Check it out and keep moving, my friend.  (2:09)

Have a(nother) incredible day!


P.S. For your daily “applied positivity” message, consider my own Vitamin K — Daily Dose of Positive.  9.5 cents a day to a better attitude ($24.95 a year)

Kelvin Ringold

Born to John and Lora Ringold on October 24, 1953, grew up, went to school, graduated high school and joined the Air Force -- turned 18 in basic training. Did 20 years in the Air Force and retired in 1991. Moved to Syracuse, worked at University Hospital and retired from there at 55. During that 55 years... I learned some lessons, one of which is that LIFE is what we make it. I spend a major portion of my waking hours helping other people figure out the same thing. Life is what we make of it, and... "when you master your mindset, you master your life." That's my mission: living it, and teaching it.

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