About Kelvin

Master Your Mindset; Master Your Life!

Good day, my friends! Thank you for visiting Intensely Positive.  My purpose is to create and nurture a world-wide community of positivity, and to help people master their mindsets, so they can master their lives.

Most of us go through stuff that can easily leave us worn and jaded.  But instead holding on to those negatives, I help us look at life through a different lens so we can stay motivated and keep moving forward with energy and purpose. I do that as an author, blogger, podcaster, motivational speaker and certified life coach.

I also do that in collaboration with my long time friend and colleague, Josh Shear, under the banner of #BetterHumanhood.

So join us! Stay turned, listen close, comment often, and help us make this planet a better and more fun place to be.

And remember, “When you master your mindset, you master your life.”

Have a magnificent day!