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Happy Birthday to Me

What an amazing day!!
Today… is my birthday; and not just any birthday, but my 65th birthday! Yeah, it’s really hard for me to believe, too, because I pretty much feel like a teenager. I know; some say that’s how I act! They’re just JEALOUS!  :)
But yesterday was amazing, being the day before my birthday, and my friend Mitch urging me to splurge: “DUDE! Mega-millions at 1-point-6 BILLION dollars.” So, I figure, if it’s going to happen, there is no better time than THIS birthday so… I played! And man oh man am I glad I did. For a lotto of 1.6 billion dollars, to buy 3 tickets and have NOT a SINGLE number that they drew. LOL. The only matching numbers I had was the DATE! Heck — I could have bought another box of Perry’s Chocolate Panda Paws with that 6 bucks, and called it a party!!
But here’s the good news! I am ridiculously wealthy in any case. I am monumentally blessed with great health and vision, and a fantastic sense of humor. I am on ZERO meds. I have great siblings, nieces and nephew, amazing children and grandchildren, and some of the most incredibly kind, loving and supportive friends on the planet — some I’ve met, and some I haven’t.
I have bountiful laughter in my life every single day — even if some of it is me laughing at me!  One of my friends who calls me, I get such a big kick out of, because she giggles. I love hearing her giggle! It’s musical and energizing and when she giggles… I giggle too. Can’t help it! If someone is giggling, I’m DONE! Just call me the Pillsbury Dough Bro, and we’ll just have ourselves a big ole giggle-fest!
Friend… if you haven’t giggled lately, you’re just not living. GO find yourself a reason to giggle — I mean a fun giggle, not making fun of someone… unless, of course, they start first!  It’s the most healing medicine on the planet.  Gratitude… and a good giggle.  Oh yeah… and hugs are nice too. Y’all just don’t know. In my Toastmasters environment, I am dubbed “the District Hugger!” AND… I hug by request too. So thank you my friend (I told you I was going to mention you) thank you for giggling with me and making my day.
So… that’s it. That’s my message and my wisdom for today. Live life, love life, practice maniacal gratitude and GIGGLE, and you won’t even care if you don’t win the lotto!
Thank you for being you, for allowing me to be a part of your life and an influencer. Thank you for making me feel valued, and allowing me to help YOU feel valued. I’m looking forward to lots more life, and smiles and hugs and conversations, and I look forward to you being a part of them all.
Have a most magnificent love and giggle-filled day.
See you tomorrow.

Kelvin Ringold

Born to John and Lora Ringold on October 24, 1953, grew up, went to school, graduated high school and joined the Air Force -- turned 18 in basic training. Did 20 years in the Air Force and retired in 1991. Moved to Syracuse, worked at University Hospital and retired from there at 55. During that 55 years... I learned some lessons, one of which is that LIFE is what we make it. I spend a major portion of my waking hours helping other people figure out the same thing. Life is what we make of it, and... "when you master your mindset, you master your life." That's my mission: living it, and teaching it.

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