You KNOW You Want To…

It’s another one of those days!  You wake up in the morning, put on a happy face, start whistling while you’re walking around the house or the apartment — or you start humming, for you who are “whistle-challenged” — and the last thing on your mind for the day is… doing something that makes you nervous.

BUT you have to admit, when you do things you’re not used to, that you’re not good at, that make you use more of your brain and bravery than you’re normally accustomed to, you end up feeling a little exhilarated, a little pumped, and even if you don’t do it perfectly, secretly you’re a little proud of “you” for having tried it. Be honest — don’t you like that feeling? (Say yes!)

One of my favorite quotes is, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” (Neale Donald Walsch)  We’re not necessarily talking about WAY outside your comfort zone, just like from your front door to your mailbox outside :-)

So today… have some fun.  Find something you’ve been wanting — or needing to do, that makes you a little nervous; a little antsy — and do it :-) Maybe it’s making a phone call, trying a new recipe, calling that person you’ve been hesitant to call for a while, making that appointment you’ve been putting off… something!  For me, it was replacing the garbage disposal. It had been broken for at least a year. You’d have thought I was doing surgery, I did so much prep… But I did it — and then I told EVERYBODY!

What is it for you? Decide what it is, and make this your day to conquer it — or at least tackle it. If you listen closely, you’ll hear me cheering for you! YES!!! Woot woot!

Are you ready?  “Make it so, numba one!” and make it an awesome day!

Kelvin Ringold

Born to John and Lora Ringold on October 24, 1953, grew up, went to school, graduated high school and joined the Air Force -- turned 18 in basic training. Did 20 years in the Air Force and retired in 1991. Moved to Syracuse, worked at University Hospital and retired from there at 55. During that 55 years... I learned some lessons, one of which is that LIFE is what we make it. I spend a major portion of my waking hours helping other people figure out the same thing. Life is what we make of it, and... "when you master your mindset, you master your life." That's my mission: living it, and teaching it.

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