Motivation, the Other White Meat

Hello! your awesomeness!!   I say that a lot, because most people are way more awesome than they give themselves credit for, and people won’t usually know how awesome they are until someone tells them.  Be sure to tell them if you know someone who is.  Of course, all my Vitamin K readers are awesome, and I assume anyone taking the time and attention to read these posts is also awesome — birds of a feather, you know.

MOTIVATION — the other white meat!  It’ll make you climb mountains, run races, run into burning buildings, jump out of perfectly good airplanes! It’ll keep your nose to the grindstone, keep you focused on a task, make you step outside your comfort zone, if it’s strong enough.

Last week I just thought I’d ask our Vitamin K readers how they stay motivated.  I’m publishing the responses I received.  Maybe you’ll identify with some of their responses, or you can add what motivates YOU in the comments.  Your words may give someone else a new perspective.

I’ll start it off.  I’m a motivator. I believe we have power over our own lives and the power to make positive changes.  I read and listen to positive things, associate primarily with positive, forward moving people.  I STAY grateful.  One of my greatest joys is receiving positive responses from my writing and know that I’ve helped another person feel better about themselves and life.  THIS keeps a tiger in my tank ;-)

Peg Haust-Arliss, Central New York
“I know my leverage. For me I think of the consequences of NOT staying focused not going for my goals and dreams. What will the result be then? Pretty scary!  I also know my “big why” Why do I want this goal? What is my real intention. I use my vision board daily and I pay it forward daily to keep momemtum going.” Read more about Motivation, the Other White Meat