Milestone Monday!

Gold Dreams Key PhotoActually… today’s title is a little off — it was actually Milestone Saturday this past weekend. 5 years ago this past August 29th, I fired the boss and retired from University Hospital, to pursue my dream of motivational speaking and being a life coach. It was  — and is — a big dream.  A few months later, another dream was spawned and on October 18th, 2010, Vitamin K was born!

Last Saturday marked the 4th anniversary of that dream — the dream of  producing a daily motivational message for the thousands that I envisioned reading my words and using them as inspiration to feel good about themselves and their lives, and the world in general.

I’ve said previously, that if our heart could look forward at the job ahead of it and see how much work it will have to do in it’s lifetime, that it might just give up under the pressure! And I felt a little like that when I first embarked on Vitamin K. What message could I give, day after day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, that people would continue to want to hear?  Could I do it? Every day? Is there enough to say?

Well day by day, the inspiration comes, and I continue to find the words. Or maybe the words find me; but as long as we keep meeting up together in time for another Vitamin K Daily Dose of Positive, then all is well :-)

Dreams don’t always fall into your lap just the way you envision it, but as long as you keep the dream in sight, it will come. I’m gaining on mine every day, so keep those pom poms at the ready for the big cheering session. LOL. For those of you who are current readers, I thank you for being here — many of you since the very first issue.

If you are not a current reader, I ask you to check it out!  Try it for 4 weeks, completely free, and if you don’t fall in love with it like many have, just click the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of each email — no muss, no fuss. Or you can continue to gain empowering daily insights for just $24.95 a year — only 48 cents a week — for a masterful mindset! And this next year is going to rock!!

Okay, my friend. YOU stay focussed on YOUR dream. Remember that as long as we awaken each morning and can move on our own power, our dream is still in play; the game is still on, and it’s never too late to become what or who you might have been. And I’m cheering for you, too!

Keep me posted :-) and have an awesome day! and remember: “When You Master Your Mindset, You Master Your Life.”

Kelvin Ringold

Born to John and Lora Ringold on October 24, 1953, grew up, went to school, graduated high school and joined the Air Force -- turned 18 in basic training. Did 20 years in the Air Force and retired in 1991. Moved to Syracuse, worked at University Hospital and retired from there at 55. During that 55 years... I learned some lessons, one of which is that LIFE is what we make it. I spend a major portion of my waking hours helping other people figure out the same thing. Life is what we make of it, and... "when you master your mindset, you master your life." That's my mission: living it, and teaching it.

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