My Gratitude List

This gratitude list was created as an addendum to my October 9, 2013 Vitamin K  — my daily motivational email. It’s what I was feeling that day, and is just a seed to germinate our subscribers gratitude mindset (in case someone was having trouble getting started.)

This is my list, on this date. More things constantly pop into my mind but I had to publish sometime.

Maybe it will help YOU create one also.

In the form presented in “The Secret” each of the statements below is conceptually preceded by the words, “I am happy and grateful that…”

1.  I am happy and grateful that… I woke up this morning (and the other 127,837 mornings…)
2.  … I am free of pain
3.  … I am moving around on my own power.
4.  … I have sight (20/20 uncorrected)
5.  … I have a comfortable place to live, and doubly so that I own it
6.  … I have food to eat (even stuff that’s not good for me)
7.  … my children are all alive and well and prospering (x 3)
8.  … I can hear sound, even soft, delicate sounds
9.  … I have friends who love me
10.  … I have people who respect me
11.  … I have a voice with which to speak
12.  … I have creature comforts (computers, iphone, watches, clothes)
13.  … I am free of disease
14.  … I have lived on this planet for 59 and 23/24 years (see #1)
15.  … most people consider me wise
16.  … a friend called me early this morning and told me I was “amazing.”
17.  … I have a car
18.  … I’m able to make payments on my home and belongings
19.  … I am healthy (can you count that too many times? really? I think not!)
20.  … I have skills I can use to make money and/or help people
21.  … I am blessed to inspire others
22.  … I can laugh at my mistakes (and so do most people)
23.  … aaaallll of my mistakes! (see #1)
24.  … the close calls in my life have only been close calls (and not devastations)
25.  … I have had devastations from which I recovered
26.  … I have the capacity to learn – and have learned my great lessons in my life
27.  … I have the capacity to learn from my mistakes
28.  … I find joy in simple things (some days ARE better than others)
29.  … I conquered type two diabetes this year
30.  … I make people laugh
31.  … people enjoy laughing
32.  … people feel better about themselves for having been around me
33.  … I appreciate every second of my life — even the not so great ones
34.  … I am able to see the positive in almost any situation
35.  … I am able to help other people see the good or positive in almost any situation (if they allow themselves to see it.)
36.  … I take joy in the accomplishments of my friends and associates
37.  … I am without envy or jealousy (mmmm… okay… 97%)
38.  … I have felt pain in my life. It has helped me learn valuable lessons (It’s okay with me if my future lessons come without pain, however)
39.  … I’m about to be 60 years old (October 24, 6:12 p.m.), and I feel 35
40.  … I enjoy nice things, but also appreciate the simple things
41.  … I like stuffed animals (shhh)
42.  … I am a talented speaker (some days more talented than others)
43.  … I am a talented professional photographer, and delight in showing people their “good sides”
44.  … I bounce back quickly from adversity (if I actually categorize it as adversity)
45.  … I am blessed with friends who have attitudes like mine so if my attitude slips, they help me back to being “me.”
46.  … I am human (though I often pretend to be a super-hero)
47.  … I live in the greatest country in the world, even with its problems
48.  … I live in freedom and can travel freely
49.  … 3 times in my life, someone has loved / liked me enough to marry me
50.  … I am SINGLE  (LOL… that one deserves to be a Toastmasters’ speech)
51.  … I am considered attractive, even when I fall up the stairs
52.  … I can READ – I am literate
53.  … I can feel and enjoy human touch … and temperature … wind… and more
54.  … there are people in my life that like to HUG — MEN too (hugs are the best currency in the world)
55.  … I have all my limbs and appendages (even my appendix)
56.  … all my limbs and appendages work as they were designed
57.  … I can smell the delightful fragrances of the universe, even the delicate ones
58.  … I am an entrepreneur
59.  … I am a skilled writer and use it to inspire people
60.  … I make mistakes, which means I am doing something.
61.  … I learn from my mistakes (most of the time)
62.  … I enjoy beauty in it’s many forms — I’m still learning new forms
63.  … I have known intense LOVE — and remember what it feels like
64.  … I have felt intense pain — and benefit from the perspective it provided.
65.  … I am learning to love unconditionally — (not perfect, but a LOT better than I used to be)
66.  … I can be goofy and not feel embarrassed (good! because…)
67.  … I became a reiki practitioner and help people heal
68.  … I am confident in who I am; and have the capacity to uplift others freely
69.  … most people feel comfortable around me, and free to be themselves
70.  … I have (had) the strength to eliminate most negative situations from my life.
71.  … I FEEL emotions; but aren’t necessarily ruled by those feelings.
72.  … I can love someone without having to “own” them
73.  … I can love someone without them having to “love me back.”
74.  … when I give to someone from my heart… they don’t OWE me anything
75.  … I have learned how to offer my perspective and even advice, and detach my ego from the result
76.  … I am happy and grateful to have cultivated loving and fulfilling relationships around the world.
77.  … when I look back on my life I remember only the good stuff (mostly)
78.  … I make my own choices daily
79.  … I enjoyed my wonderful mother for 59 of my soon to be 60 years.
80.  … my baby boy has been home since last December. We had a good relationship before — it’s better now (and we’re both more tolerant)
81.  … I was a single parent with baby boy between 18 months and nearly 5 years old. I learned a lot.
82.  … I live where I live: the people, the seasons, the economy, locations…
83.  … I don’t think like most people
84.  … there are people in my life who are smarter than me, that I can learn from.
85.  … I realize that almost everyone is smarter than me about “something;” so I can learn from anyone
86.  … there are things on earth and around the universe so grand that I get to feel humble
87.  … I can walk and move on my own power
88.  … I can cook (at least a few good meals)
89.  … I no longer smoke (since about 30 years ago)
90.  … I have no addictions (well… oxygen, maybe)
91.  … I have a healthy self image. I like the person I have become (It wasn’t always that way)
92.  … I survived 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and retired as MSgt
93.  … my two sons served in the military — and one still serving — and remained healthy
94.  … all my children love and respect me (in spite of my mistakes… and there were lots)
95.  … I have two grandsons, both of which are healthy, happy and smart!
96.  … my siblings love and respect me (3 sisters and 1 brother)
97.  … my two nieces consider me their favorite uncle (I keep telling them; they play along)
98.  … I have one nephew. I’m probably not his favorite :-)
99.  … many of my friends who have a gratitude list, h ave me on it
100.  … my baby boy just sauntered into the room wearing Superman socks that have capes on them, and said “it’s going to be a super day.”
101.  I am happy and grateful that you cared enough about what I had to say, to take the time to read this list.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate you, and I hope it helps you.

There are other things — the more I write, the more pop into my head, but I wanted to get to at least 100.

  • What are YOU grateful for?
  • What could you be grateful for, if you chose to be?
  • What DON’T you have, that you’re grateful  you don’t have to deal with?
  • Make your list… it does a body good .

You can do it.  I have faith in you.

Have an awesome day!



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