Thank You — An Intensely Positive Phrase!

smileyface2Thank you!  You might wonder why I’m thanking you — especially if this is your first visit to my blog.  There are several reasons, really.  I’m often asked how to think more positively and the following reasons are one way I use “Thank You” to think positively.

1.  I like saying “thank you.”  I enjoy the act and the feeling of appreciating another human being. And I’ll thank you for the smallest things!  Thank you for visiting my blog; thanks for staying long enough to read what I have to say; and if you didn’t stay to finish reading me, that’s my fault! But you gave me a shot. Thank you.

Heck, I thank you for chatting with me, opening my door, thinking about me! I thank you for saying kind things about me — or if you don’t like me, I can thank you for NOT saying unkind things about me and letting others decide for themselves. I can find hundreds of reasons daily to say thank you. It helps me nourish my positive attitude.

2.  The next reason is, it seems that gratitude is in such short supply these days! Everyone in the world is more than willing to tell us how bad we do, even when we think we did well! People can be so CRITICAL, and some people look to find our mistakes just like they were getting paid for it! Personally, I like being the guy that makes you feel better about your day, about your life, about your contribution to the world.  We can’t all be Bill Gates or Mother Teresa (though most of us could be closer…) or the Dalai Lama, but most of us can certainly bless someone with a little word of praise; like saying thank you to the grocery clerk who bags your purchases so you don’t have to.

Often, when I hear the mail truck coming around, I’ll meet my mailman at the street to collect the mail, say good morning and thank you, and wish him a great day. When you are generous with your thanks, you help build and nourish your positive attitude for having done something kind, and you build and nourish the other person’s positive attitude because “someone” appreciated their contribution, even though it may be small.
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