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Who Is Kelvin? Kelvin P Ringold, Sr

Who am I? Why am I here? Why should you care what I have to say?  GREAT questions!

I’ve come up through some interesting times, and through a lot of experiences that might have left me worn and jaded. But instead, with the help of some awesome people, I developed a philosophy — a mindset — that helped me not just manage life, but enjoy it; and over time a lot of people have asked me, “What’s up with you?  Why are YOU so happy? What are you ON?” And my answer is generally… I’m on LIFE! I believe that life is about mastering our mindset, and that when we master our mindset we master our lives.

  • I believe we must first master ourselves — or at least be on a path towards mastery — before we can be of significant help to someone else.
  • I believe each of us has greater power and greater potential than “the world” would have us believe.
  • I believe that we can harness that power by controlling our thoughts and reactions, and choosing empowering perspectives that allow us to focus on possibilities rather the liabilities in life, and…
  • I believe that once we learn those lessons, it’s our duty to teach others — who are willing to learn.

For me… teaching others who are willing to learn equates to my work as an inspirational speaker and Life Coach, sharing the lessons and insights I’ve learned — and continue to learn — and that people have been asking me about for the past 30+ years.

This web site — Intensely Positive — illustrates my philosophy of life, and my knowledge that when we master our mindsets, we master our lives.

If you’re interested, you can learn a little more about me in the 6 minute live-interview below, conducted by the awesome Ms Jacqueline Edwards of Business Pipeline in Manhattan in January 2012.

It took her two years to ask me, “What are you on?” and I told her.

***For other insights see my Biography+

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