And the Winner Is…

Okay, so I’m playing on the recent plethora of award programs, but the real deal is that we just completed our first contest for “Vitamin K” subscribers.  And while we lack the glitz and glamour of the HOLLYWOOD versions, we have our own little celebration.

The task was to come up with as many POSITIVE adjectives for each day of the week as you could that began with the letters of that day — such as  “Magnificent” Monday or “Terrific” Tuesday — without using a Thesaurus or the like, but you could “phone a friend” for help.  Honor system invoked! There would be 5 winners — one for each day M-F — and the prize would be a copy of my favorite book, “Illusions; the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach.  Great fun in the contest and our winners are:

  • Monday — Annie H. from Central New York
  • Tuesday– Stephanie C. from… Ontario, Canada
  • Wednesday — Tamara S. from Washington State
  • Thursday — Alun L. from the UK and…
  • Friday — Charulata C. from Central New York

What’s particularly cool, is that a couple of people reeeeally got into it and let their minds run; submitted words that might not ordinarily be considered positive, but presented them with “justification” of how they could be MADE to be positive in conjunction with other words.  It was pretty energizing. really.

The prize awards were for most usable words, and as you’ll see below, some days were tougher than others.  Still, we have five winners and I’m working on thinking up another contest.

SO, here are the winning groups of words for Monday through Friday:

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