What Does Friday, Mean?

by Kelvin Ringold on November 6, 2015

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What does Friday mean to you?

To a lot of people, it just means the end of the work week — or maybe the school week. And those people tend to give Friday a special power; the power to EASE tension, to relax, to end their responsibility for that preceding period. TGIF, they say — I’m done for the week.

But, you know, Friday could have a more significant meaning.

It could be the day when you met a certain goal or objective, or that you honored someone or something special in your life. It could be the day that commemorates a life-changing decision in your existence, or the mental release of some struggle you’ve wrestled with over time. It could be the day you decided to believe “it’s gonna be all right,” or it could simply be just another Friday.

It could mean, my friend, anything you want it to mean, because it is you who ultimately determines what every thing, every day, every circumstance in your life represents.

It’s fall now. Some see that as the END of summer, and look forward to a season of drudgery. Others see it as entering a whole new season of adventure and wonder with activities they’ve longed to do since last season!

To every end there is a new beginning. The end of life to the caterpillar, is the beginning of life for the butterfly.

What do you choose for this day to mean for you?

Make it monumental, because… you’re worth it.

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1 Mitch Mitchell November 22, 2015 at 3:00 pm

For me, Friday means it’s “my day”. That means I don’t worry about business or anything else; I try to worry about my mindset and happiness. Sometimes it even works.


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