Mixed Loyalties

July 8, 2016

Have you ever noticed that when it’s time to root and cheer for our favorite athletic team, we get all crazy and loud and boisterous. EVERYONE knows who we’re cheering for and why.  Not only that, but the cheering is even louder and more enthusiastic if they’ve been on a little losing streak — just […]

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Risk Being Seen…

November 21, 2014

There is an old saying… “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” In that regard each of us may be willing student waiting, looking for that teacher. But like many things in life, we have a preconceived concept of what that teacher should look like, how he or she should appear, the manner […]

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Leaders Are Intensely Positive

September 3, 2014

I’ve been studying leadership since… well… a long time :-) I joined the US Air Force at 17, and lots of leadership training ensued over the next 20 years. You develop your favorites. Ken Blanchard has always been one of my favorites. So when he teamed up with awesome Mark Miller, “and then there were […]

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Recipe for a Tastier Life

April 28, 2014

Greetings, my friend.  Do you cook?  I cook! Not like a gourmet chef, for sure, but I do okay with my limited repertoire. A few days ago, this chunk of beef in my fridge was just dying to become a hamburger for my dinner. So I brought it out, then decided what seasonings I needed […]

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Happy New Year

January 1, 2014

Greetings most awesome friends! 2013 was a busy and challenging year for me, on a number of levels. We can do one of two things with challenges: rise to meet them, or crumble under them. I fancy myself the “rise to meet the challenge” type. But it takes a certain mindset to do that, so […]

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5 Principles for the New Year

January 8, 2013

Good day, my friends!  I hope your new year is going according to schedule and according to plan and that your 2013 is off to a roaring start!  Mine is going very well and I hope to share some of that info with you in the near future. Right now, however, I watched a video […]

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Achieving Your Goals – Are You Making These 3 Dream Stealing Mistakes with Your Goals?

August 29, 2012

These days, a lot of people are talking about the Law of Attraction, and depending on who you listen to, they say that the Law of Attraction replaces the process of goal setting! Perhaps those people are focused enough to project their energy to make that work but for most of us the process of […]

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Positive — Doesn’t Have to be Huge

June 20, 2012

Sometimes “positive” gets a bad rap.  People think that you have to be loud and boisterous or outrageous in order to be positive.  Not true.  Although I CAN be all of those things, mostly I’m just really enthusiastic.  But many times, positive can just be kind or caring or supportive. Yesterday, for instance, I went […]

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And the Winner Is…

March 17, 2011

Okay, so I’m playing on the recent plethora of award programs, but the real deal is that we just completed our first contest for “Vitamin K” subscribers.  And while we lack the glitz and glamour of the HOLLYWOOD versions, we have our own little celebration. The task was to come up with as many POSITIVE […]

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