There is an old saying… “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” In that regard each of us may be willing student waiting, looking for that teacher. But like many things in life, we have a preconceived concept of what that teacher should look like, how he or she should appear, the manner in which they should make themselves known to us so we know when it’s time to study… or buckle down.  That notion can make the teacher invisible to us if it comes to us in a form we’re not looking for. I gave up that bit of specificity long ago.

Today, anything… anyone who shows up in my life, I evaluate… listen… ponder… could this be my teacher? I am so ready. Why did this thing, person, event show up in my life?

Today, one of my photographer friends posted a video to Facebook. I happened to see it. It had a great headline that made me curious so I listened to it. If it had been entitled “The Teacher You’ve Been Waiting For” I might have missed it. I’ve also given up the concept of “one teacher.” I think our greater education is in realizing that each class has a teacher so there are potentially many.  “Last period” had a great teacher, in the form of this video, so, I post it now for your enjoyment. Comedian Jim Carrey in a role you’ve likely never seen him in, delivering a 26 minute commencement address you probably never would have heard.. but oh my… how you should hear it.  I hope you enjoy it. It will certainly help you Master Your Mindset, so you can Master Your Life. Grab a cup of coffee or something and listen a while.

By the way, the video starts in the middle so you can hear one specific one minute segment; but do start it at the beginning, for the full lesson.

Have an awesome day!


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