Re-Think This!

by Kelvin Ringold on August 5, 2016

in How to Think More Positively

Slogans! are a magic potion.

Akin to mission statements, metaphors and affirmations, short impactful phrases with a lot of internal meaning can energize us and increase our focus on what’s important.
Take the Energizer Bunny, for instance. It just keeps “… going… and going… and going…” and even now STILL still stealthily sneaks into things we’re doing. Very effective. They even weaved that little bunny into “real-looking” spots, so you never knew where he’d show up, but we were always looking for him. Another GREAT one came to be Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” Short, impactful, unmistakable message. What did it come to mean for you, in your life?
Then AT&T gave an even better one with universal application and very apropos for goal seekers and achievers and the processes of climbing out of our boxes, controlling our focus and getting in touch with our hidden abilities and resources! Understanding that each of us is capable of so much more than we generally give ourselves credit for, AT&T gave us — “Re-Think Possible.” Priceless!!! 
When your inner voice starts to say, “but… but…” or “I don’t think…” or “I can’t…” or any of a thousand other things it might say to show — or invoke — self doubt, or negativity… just Re-Think Possible.  Is it really beyond your ability? or just beyond your comfort zone? Could anyone else you know handle it? If they’re your friend, you’re likely closely matched in ability and intellect, so Re-Think Possible.
So, just let that phrase bounce around inside your head for a while. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to help it.  I just programmed you and the Energizer Bunny will bring it back to you over, and over and over again. And you’ll keep going… and going and going… until it becomes a natural incantation.  Re-Think Possible, my friend.
Seriously. Doesn’t that feel good?  (Say yes!) Re-Think Possible!
I’ll see you next time!

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