Mixed Loyalties

by Kelvin Ringold on July 8, 2016

in Attitude, Dream building, Goals, Mindset, Motivation

Have you ever noticed that when it’s time to root and cheer for our favorite athletic team, we get all crazy and loud and boisterous. EVERYONE knows who we’re cheering for and why.  Not only that, but the cheering is even louder and more enthusiastic if they’ve been on a little losing streak — just as if they’ll hear the noise we make and get inspired to dig in, run faster, hit harder, or shoot further. We’re constantly rooting and cheering for them to try again and to correct that swing… or perfect that putt… or pick-up that spare next time. “GO! You can do it!,” we say.
But when we’re cheering for ourselves… we do it so quietly that the people standing or sitting right NEXT to us suddenly think they went deaf! We continue to cheer for our sports team loud and proud through sometimes YEARS of hard knocks! But if we personally have one or two bad days, we tend to give up on ourselves… sometimes forever!
Don’t you think we owe ourselves and our families and OUR dreams at least as much loyalty as we show our sports teams? Huh?  You’re whispering again; I can’t hear you.  Listen:
  • You ARE sufficient for your dream and your journey
  • If you did not have the capacity to obtain it, you would not have the desire.
  • If you still feel it, you can deal it.
Cheer louder for YOU! You ARE your favorite team.
Have an incredible day!

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