Same Old Thinking

Life is very interesting, my friend. We set our sights, make our plans and head out on our trip, and very often we’re confronted with detours we hadn’t planned. Sometimes we can see clearly that the detour is necessary — rerouting can save the trip — and other times we can’t necessarily see why we had to detour. Some would use that as a rationale that goal setting is passe — of course, I ignore them and move on to the next conversation because. . . changing course is not the same as cancelling the trip. Every airplane (and I’m guessing most birds, ducks, geese and other flying life forms) get to their destinations by making a series of adjustments and course corrections enroute, bypassing obstructions, turbulence, bad weather and other problems. But, they get there.

Back in October I connected with a group called the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, who took me on a 6 month journey of self discovery — and in some ways a diversion — while I pretty much examined most of my beliefs, actions, motivations, and the core things that “make me tick.” Mind you, I felt I had all that together, because I constantly monitor my beliefs to see if they make sense to me; to see if anything has changed and if so, why.  Sometimes because of circumstances we can slip into a new belief and not realize it until we notice our actions aren’t consistent with our “previous self,” and questions like “why did I react that way” or “why did I say that?” cause us — at least me — to examine what’s changed, and what’s behind it.

So, MKMMA gave me 6 months of things to examine; to THINK about. Many of us “feel,” which for the most part is an involuntary response. Focused thought and examination, on the other hand, causes us to engage our minds and understand ourselves. Again, I’ve always done this, but as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer spoke, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I’ve been looking at different things, and when you ask different questions… you sometimes get different answers :-)

compassI’m pleased to say that I remain fundamentally me. There were no monumental discoveries; though there were some pertinent tweaks. Many things I believed were validated with scientific proof. Some others not, and in the cases of things which were inconclusive my beliefs did not change. However, the journey — the questioning — is crucial because our beliefs make who we are — they make us do what we do! They tell us what’s good and what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s appropriate and what’s not, and a lot of our beliefs we were handed to us by someone else, and we accepted them as fact with no examination. Some of those beliefs give rise to serious internal conflicts when our internal rules say one thing but our heart and soul say another; and until we get those sorted out… there will be conflict within.

So that’s where I’ve been — and I’m back. And as time goes on, you will undoubtedly hear more about my journey and my thoughts and perhaps you’ll go on a little journey of your own. We shall see.

For now, have an outstanding week — or weekend — and we’ll chat again soon.

Take care for now.



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