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October 24, 1953, I was born to John and Lora Ringold,  I grew up in Cambridge, Md — the son of a baptist minister. When I was 9 years old, my father joined the Methodist Church and we began moving around.  Rev John W. Ringold was very active in civil rights, and in September of 1964, in 6th grade, I became the first black student in the “white schools” of Caroline County Md school system, at Greensboro Elementary School. The following year we moved to Queen Anne’s County, and joined two other black students in the Centreville High School, Centerville, Md. The LEAKS, however, were a military family and were re-assigned mid year. The following year — 1967 — the school system was completely integrated.

In 1969, my family relocated to Salisbury, Md. In May 1971, I graduated from Wicomico Senior High School at the age of 17. I joined the U.S. Air Force in September of that year, turning 18 in basic training. I completed 20 years of military service, retired form the Air Force as a Master Sergeant, and eventually settled in Syracuse, NY in November of 1992, where I still reside.

In August 2009 I finished a 16 year career as administrative assistant at Upstate University Hospital and “fired the boss” to embrace my dream to become an inspirational speaker,  writer, and life coach, becoming Central New York’s Prince of Positive, and the Chief Empowerment Officer at Intensely Positive.  Among my accomplishments are:

PPSNYS 2009 Journal Cover






But I have to say that I am most proud of my
three children: Shavon Michelle McCown (and mother of my two grandsons, Jordan and Jelani), Kelvin P. Ringold, Jr, SSgt, US Army, and baby boy, Michael Jorrell Ringold.  Shining stars all, and that’s the way — uh uh — I like it :-)

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Central New Yorkers with Winning Attitude

Anchor man on a local promotion for Double Tree hotel. Two minutes and 30 seconds, and I’m the last interview.  Good for a quick smile :-)

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